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ClearMetal enables our customers to provide an "Amazon-like" digital experience in the global freight transportation space. This is the Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX).

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The ClearMetal CDX Platform

ClearMetal’s CDX Platform couples a continuous methodology with cutting-edge machine learning technology that learns and adjusts, driving constant improvement in freight delivery and experience for corporate customers.


The Value of ClearMetal


Who is ClearMetal for?

Global Shippers

Improve lead-time & buffer, reduce transport costs, and deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Dynamically plan transportation and proactively resolve transport exceptions globally, across all modes, from door to door

Transport + Logistics

Get ahead of problems by proactively monitoring orders and shipments with predictive ETAs & alerts

Transportation Planning

Optimize transportation lead-times with dynamic analysis of all your carriers, lanes, orders, and transshipments


Improve sales, minimize discounts, fight churn &  guarantee on-time delivery with reliable promise dates


Customer Service

Provide proactive customer service with live delivery dates, proactive notifications, and customer access to inbound shipment status


Attain greater liquidity by reducing buffer stock and minimizing inventory financing costs


Digitally transform your supply chain with Continuous Delivery & Experience capabilities


 Shippers of All Industries Trust ClearMetal

We’re proud to support customers in all the major verticals including Agriculture & Food, Consumer Goods,
Packaging and Containers, Paper & Forest Products, Chemical, Construction & Building Materials.


 Our Customers Tell It Best

“The ClearMetal CDX Platform allows companies like us to give our customers the collaborative experience they now expect but are not able to receive from the competition.”

– Parsan Chand, Vice President, Supply Chain, The Lenzing Group

“In our industry, with the help of ClearMetal, we’ve evolved our thinking from a ‘defensive’ Supply Chain (don’t screw it up) to an area where we can differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.”

– Darren Barker, VP of Global Supply Chain, Georgia-Pacific


For Georgia-Pacific, Their Customers Always Come First

See how ClearMetal’s CDX Customer Portal allows customers to effortlessly inform their customers about delays and other exceptions.

Empower Your Customers During COVID-19

Check out our four-step approach that you can apply now to protect revenue and bolster your supply chain during COVID-19.

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