Say Goodbye to Stagnant Data +
Static Visibility

Static supply chain visibility tools are too brittle to keep up with a continuously evolving supply chain. These tools offer superficial functionality that looks good but is ultimately incapable of fostering the transparency and trust that customers now demand.

ClearMetal’s CDX Platform


Customer & Partner Portal

Cross-functional and cross-enterprise collaboration to streamline communication with teammates, customers and partners


Exception Management

Automated exception detection and personalized alerts for shipment delays, transshipments, rolls, D&D and more


Advanced Technology

Advanced patent-pending machine learning & artificial intelligence used through platform for real-time, continuous data quality improvements across all modes


Agile Transport Planning

Dynamic transportation planning with route & carrier reliability, including roll and transshipment rates


The CDX Advantage

Our continuous delivery experience (CDX) platform is based on a feedback loop that constantly learns, adjusts, and gets smarter to provide the most accurate data and the best customer experience in the industry


Continuous Experience

Empowers teams, customers and partners access with accurate information

Continuous Delivery

Adapt plans on the fly with dynamic, real-time data to optimize global freight flows

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Continuous Experience


Be Transparent with Customers about Exceptions

The CDX Customer Portal provides a real-time and continuously updated view into the status of a shipment, so rather than having team members burn time investigating issues and responding to tracking requests, customers can access this information independently.

Continuous Delivery


Optimize Route Planning and Increase On-Time Delivery

Update transit time expectations with trusted data and improve on-time delivery performance with trusted and accurate data on route and carrier reliability. 


ClearMetal is the industry leader in supply chain data quality.

Our platform is the first source of truth available in the industry and is built to handle the complexity of all data quality issues across all modes. We use artificial intelligence almost everywhere in our application and automatically reconcile data across hundreds of data partners, thousands of unique data feeds and millions of historical records.


Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX) for North American Domestic Rail

The ClearMetal CDX Platform is the all-in-one solution for all your shipments. Track Class I, II, III rail and solve exceptions, across different modes leveraging the AI-powered expertise of the leader in ocean.

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