ClearMetal CDX Data Platform

The world’s most accurate data platform for international freight visibility,
dynamic planning, and customer experience.

Provides up-to-the-minute data for global freight
visibility and transportation planning


Inbound Visibility

Real-time visibility of inbound shipments from suppliers reduces buffer stock requirements and manufacturing improves  productivity.


Customer Experience

Real-time visibility of outbound shipments drives proactive customer service, and enables them to improve productivity and run their businesses more effectively.


Competitive Advantage

Real-time analytics provide more accurate promise dates and improve end-customer OTD/OTIF metrics, leading to greater customer experience and revenue retention.

The ClearMetal CDX Data Platform uses
a library of APIs to connect to:

1TMS, with dynamic lead-time and carrier performance data
2ERP, with live transit milestone data
3Control Towers, with precise milestone data
4Finance systems, with delivery confirmation for early invoicing
5WMS, with inland ETAs
6CRM, with promise-dates and live updates for customers

 Our Customers Tell It Best

“I see a huge, huge advantage with ClearMetal; I don’t need to spend time with suppliers to update IBD dates, all updates and amendments are automatic through the final port of Destination!”

Darya Huryniuk,
MSM Planner, British American Tobacco

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