ClearMetal CDX Share

Keep customers, agents, and service partners in the loop with CDX Share links. Streamline customer service by providing secure links to all authorized parties which show automatically updating, live tracking of orders and shipments in transit.

The Share Link gives a customer or partner access
to the live shipment data they need


Empower your customers

Proactively supporting end customers makes for increased revenue, better market share, and higher margins.


Lighten the customer service load

Your supply chain can become a competitive advantage when your customers always have access to the trusted information they need. Customer service teams will proactively adjust customer expectations based on facts, not fears.

Our Customers Tell It Best

“We are, on almost every single shipment, sharing the visibility that we have within ClearMetal with our customers”

Trey Closson,
Director of Marine Logistics, Georgia-Pacific

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