ClearMetal CDX Transport Planning

Our Transport Planning application offers advanced analytics for freight procurement and logistics performance, as well as enables dynamic lead-time, mode, carrier, and routing decisions. Ensure on-time, in-full delivery for customers with optimal logistics reliability and reduced costs.


Global lane analytics and exception rates


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“Really user-friendly, basically idiot-proof. I liked it a lot”

Heather Bilsby,
Materials Planner, British American Tobacco

Compare lane performance


Best choices = best performance

Improve promise dates and drive better OTD/OTIF by selecting the best mode, carrier, and route to ensure on-time delivery.


Free up personnel

Improve operational and personnel efficiency as ClearMetal’s automated measurement, reporting and tracking of SLAs reduce staff load.

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Lower costs and elevate service

Enable transport planners to manage freight costs and optimize service levels and free times with access to actual performance data.


ClearMetal CDX Transport Planning API

Power logistics automation and integrated business planning with real-time transit tables and critical route and lane- level metrics.


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