4X Revenue Growth Spurs New Funding for CDX Leader ClearMetal

Amazon has become a paradigm for what customers expect in terms of product delivery and overall experience. Retailers, manufacturers and shippers have invested substantially in ERP, TMS, data marts and advanced analytics (like AI and ML) - but still lack the transparency, predictiveness and timely communications that are innately inherent within the Amazon model.

Now, Fortune 500 game-changers have adopted a continuous methodology approach that can deliver Amazon-like customer experiences to disrupt and transform the supply chain. At the forefront of this transformation is ClearMetal, a leader in Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX) for supply chain and logistics, which offers a dynamic data and intelligence platform that continually learns, adjusts and gets smarter to propel delivery and experience for customers. 

Check out this press release to learn about ClearMetal closing $15 million in funding in a round led by Palo Alto-based Eclipse Ventures.

Alejandro Saavedra