How Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX) is Built for Bad Weather


By Kelsey Gallardo

Now more than ever, supply chains are critical to human existence. Global supply chains need to be so seamless that they enable a continuous delivery experience so all people can get everything they need when they need it - even during pandemics.

With stock-outs of toilet paper and diapers plastering news feeds, you can’t help but hope that the biggest companies in the world are ramping up their supply chains to combat the impact that this Coronavirus is having on the lives of millions. 

Amazon is one of the most agile technology companies in the world - so of course, they’ve already pivoted their supply chain to prioritize “household essentials and medical supplies” in their warehouses. Right now, the world needs more companies to be as agile as Amazon. 

Some BCOs reading this may think it’s impossible, but here is how to do it: 

Companies seeking to employ the Amazon effect within their businesses need to embrace a continuous approach to drive constant, measurable improvement in both delivery and experience. In a day and age where “black swan” events like Coronavirus, recessions and other extended issues can paralyze supply chains, ClearMetal’s continuous data approach will help BCOs better plan for and readily adapt to stressful circumstances, all while working with upstream and downstream partners to spot issues before they happen. This approach will reduce the occurrence of costly exceptions and other problems that can negatively impact both the business and your customers.


Black Swan events like pandemics or 9/11 or the Great Recession are scary. But they are also a time of great innovation. It’s time for companies to move freight more efficiently and with superior customer experience, because the world is counting on it. 

Download our whitepaper to how ClearMetal is built for bad weather and ‘Why a Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX) Is Your Key to Amazon-ifying Your Supply Chain.’

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