ClearMetal CDX Platform 2.0 Opens Up A New Route for Freight Transportation

Events like Coronavirus (read our blog on it here) are straining already inefficient global freight transit -- as well as impacting the shippers, partners, customers, and employees who all play critical roles in moving raw materials and finished goods from A to B. 

For the past four years, San Francisco-based supply chain technology firm ClearMetal has built a Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX) platform that enables companies to provide ‘Amazon-like’ digital B2B experiences in global freight transportation, while delivering products in a timely and predictable manner. This approach, adopted by manufacturers, suppliers, CPGs, and retailers, as well as other global enterprises, uses patent-pending data science and machine learning to help supply chains instantly and intelligently adapt to customer expectations, even during ‘black swan’ events like Coronavirus.

Recently, ClearMetal released its next-generation release, ClearMetal CDX Platform 2.0, which adds much-desired capabilities, including an enhanced customer/partner portal; deeper support for new modes beyond ocean; and, dynamic planning capabilities that drive additional revenue, efficiency, and customer satisfaction across the entire supply chain value lifecycle. Read this press release to learn how The Lenzing Group AG and other businesses are now using CDX Platform 2.0 to transform their supply chains.

Alejandro Saavedra