SVP Christopher Mazza on leveraging data-driven visibility to reveal the true picture of ocean freight, navigate disruption and deliver superior customer experience

ClearMetal has been featured in the May issue of Supply Chain Digital.

In this exclusive interview, Christopher Mazza, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Business Development, discusses how the startup’s proprietary platform and superior data systems are fuelling true transparency across the complex ocean freight landscape.

“If you ship containers all around the world and you have complex global supply chains, like all of our customers do, we’re your guys. We’re the people that can track every container, every ship, every shipment, every purchase order, every sku,” he says.

ClearMetal’s collaborative approach is accelerating and enhancing the systems logistics and supply chain professionals already use day in, day out.

“If our customers have spent millions of dollars on a super high quality Blue Yonder, Oracle or SAP install, they want to get their return on investment,” Mazza says. “What we allow them to do with better data is to realise that investment and get those returns that they expected. We believe in building that ecosystem together, and our contribution is to fuel all of those applications with better data.”

Mazza’s ambition is to further extend those partnership, help businesses deliver better CX, and enable professionals to harness the true power of data: “A year from now, I'd like to say, ‘There are many more folks with a better control of their supply chain through the use of our data and our systems’.”

Editor Rhys Thomas said: “Mazza is an expert at harnessing data and helping businesses to translate that into better results. But he is also a pragmatic person who understands that sometimes, a better experience in the world of B2B can be far more than just an added bonus.

“In our interview Mazza explained the intricacies of ClearMetal’s CDX, or Continuous Delivery Experience, providing a refreshing take on what can often be a heavy, jargon-filled topic. True to its name, ClearMetal is providing a clearer, more transparent solution to the ever complex world of ocean freight.”



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