[Video] How Advanced Data Analytics Leads to Better Supply Chain Visibility


ClearMetal CEO, Adam Compain discusses the underlying supply chain data problem with Adrian Gonzalez, of Talking Logistics, and how smart data delivers value to companies by providing accurate, reliable end-to-end visibility.

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The supply chain is an incredibly complex network of systems that is difficult to navigate and challenges everyone from top-floor executives to front-line employees. Supply chain complexity is the result of flawed data delivery and lack of access to quality data. ClearMetal solves this problem by using AI-empowered technology to ingest, aggregate, and centralize vast collections of data to offer trustworthy insights on the status and whereabouts of shipments allowing customers to plan ahead and manage risk accordingly.

In the past, technology relied on basic, rules-based techniques that excelled at collecting vast quantities of data, but struggled to interpret and present the data in a useful way. Fast forward to today where technology not only collects data, but empowers individuals and businesses by making sense of it, processing it, and formulating insights that drive smart, strategic, decision making. Without proper technology, organizations are forced to base their decisions on futile data points; for example predictions for future shipments based on historical transit times - a process that often leads to expensive mistakes and misunderstandings.

Solving the underlying data problem will not only transform supply chain organizations and provide better visibility for exec-level decisions, but it will also transform the day-to-day of front-line employees by eliminating the need to do laborious “detective work”; instead, they can focus their time doing tactical, strategic work. Subsequently, it is important to recognize that the data transformation journey is a marathon, not a sprint. To benefit from transformation and gain true visibility, companies should assess their most dire issues and ask questions which pertain to the specific problems they face in order find the solutions that best fit their needs.

To learn more about the transformation journey, watch the full discussion below:

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