Press Release: NileDutch Signs on with ClearMetal

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Ocean Carrier Nile Dutch Selects ClearMetal’s Predictive Logistics Technology to Improve Customer Service and Drive Growth

Maritime leader to implement data science and advanced machine learning technology for operational efficiency, revenue growth and enhanced customer service

San Francisco, April 18, 2017 – ClearMetal, the predictive logistics company using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to unlock new efficiencies for global trade, today announced an engagement with Nile Dutch, one of the world’s top 25 container and breakbulk shipping companies, providing liner services between West African ports and Europe, South Africa, South America, North America and Asia.

“Managing fleet and container utilization against a backdrop of fluctuating demand in today’s highly complex market can be challenging,” said Mark Kraaijenbrink, Director Information and Communications Technology for Nile Dutch. “We are always seeking innovative solutions to gain a competitive edge and ClearMetal’s machine learning technology for predictive logistics appears to provide a significant advantage over any other industry methods and tools we’ve seen.”

Predictive logistics will enable Nile Dutch to improve container flow and vessel fleet utilization through advanced prediction of customer bookings and container flow movements. Nile Dutch will leverage ClearMetal’s Data Intelligence Platform to:

  • Make better sense of its supply chain data

  • Deploy industry-tailored machine-learning based technology to predict logistics based on granular supply chain performance history, data and patterns

  • Leverage deep simulation outputs to predict container supply and demand, and customer behaviors on the part of freight forwarders and shippers, earlier and with far greater accuracy than ever before

“ClearMetal’s approach to harvesting data and overlaying advanced technology will quickly move us to the forefront in applying predictive logistics and AI to our commercial and operational activities,” continued Kraaijenbrink. “This results in better service for customers and greater opportunities for us to grow.”

“We are taking a fundamentally different approach to helping our customers understand and navigate the global trade network,” said Adam Compain, CEO of ClearMetal. “We’re excited to partner with Nile Dutch to deliver differentiated technology that further accelerates the company’s growth and profitability, while becoming a more effective partner to its customers. Nile Dutch is a very forward looking company that shares our belief that the future of the supply chain will be about data intelligence over scale.”


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