Four Supply Chain Strategies to Aid Your Customers and Teams In the Face of COVID-19


By Kelsey Gallardo

Instead of diving into the rabbit hole of despair and anxiety, we’re all figuring out how best to deal with the situation at hand. So we’re now forced to work from home; okay, we will make a home office. So we can’t go to our favorite restaurants to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays; okay, we will make a recipe we’ve never tried before (fingers crossed). We are adjusting to the new normal. 

Supply chains need to do the same. 

While the citizens of the world are in various states of lockdown, supply chains do not have that luxury. In fact, their jobs just got harder - and there are no easy answers to solving some of the tough challenges that logistics, customer service, sales, and other teams face. Global shippers need to readjust to their “new normal” to ensure all people get everything they need during this crisis and beyond - while ensuring that their customers, including manufacturers, retailers, and others have full transparency of where their goods and materials are, at all times, so that they can dynamically adjust their own planning and execution strategies.

But change is hard, even without a global pandemic threatening millions of lives. That’s why we’ve created a 4-Step Playbook for the new heroes of 2020: global shippers (medical professionals will always be our heroes too). 

Take just five minutes to read our playbook and learn how to:

  • Create Transparency With Your Customers While Protecting Revenue

  • Dynamically Plan and Improve On-Time Delivery Even in the Worst-Case Scenarios

  • Proactively Manage Exceptions to Boost CSR Productivity and Delight Customers

  • Keep Management Informed and Agile with Dynamic Reporting

Check out our four-step approach that you can apply now to bolster your supply chain delivery during COVID-19. 

Download the Playbook


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