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While many promise multi-modal visibility and high data quality, very few vendors deliver. The ClearMetal CDX Platform does. 

We provide leading global shippers with the most comprehensive international ocean freight visibility on the market.
This dramatically reduces cost and drives competitive differentiation in today’s B2B customer experience.

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ClearMetal’s Platform is #1 in
Global Freight Visibility

Supply chains are ill-equipped to meet modern business customer demands. Data, systems, and methods for logistics decision-making are static and lack the agility required today. 

ClearMetal has solved this problem with the most accurate data and trusted software globally. Our platform provides the crucial foundation for freight transportation efficiency and optimizing customer experience.


ClearMetal Solves Common Supply Chain Problems

Transportation / Logistics

Problem: Limited visibility into global shipments and inventory-in-transit caused by inaccurate data leads to poor freight planning, procurement, and excess logistics costs. Supply chains fail to meet modern business customer expectations.

The ClearMetal Advantage: Given ClearMetal solutions are built on the most accurate data available, your supply chain can be digitally transformed from cost center to strategic advantage.

Customer Service

Problem: Customer service teams without access to accurate status of orders in-transit orders spend too much time manually tracking shipment whereabouts, managing exceptions, and reacting to negative customer experiences.

The ClearMetal Advantage: With the ClearMetal CDX Platform you can provide reliable inbound shipment status, delivery dates, and advance alert notifications to your customers before there’s a problem. It’s all based on the most accurate, up-to-date data that’s trusted by customers globally.

Transportation Planning

Problem: Planners often rely on static data and outdated transit tables to optimally procure freight and choose the mode, carrier, and route to ensure on-time delivery. These tools are not dynamically updated and are based on crude averages, which hamper on-time delivery and cost savings.

The ClearMetal Advantage: Leverage accurate, live data with the ClearMetal CDX Platform to adapt plans on the fly, increase speed to market, reduce costs and inventory, and optimize global freight flows.


Problem: Manual processes and latent data are a hindrance when you’re trying to optimize cash flow. Finance teams can't invoice promptly because of the lack of visibility into when delivery was completed unnecessarily extends invoice-to-payment cycles.

The ClearMetal Advantage: Automate your payment process and accelerate order-to-cash cycles with accurate, timely information. Real-time alerts signal shipment deliveries via API into core ERP and finance systems, allowing for automated invoicing.


Problem: Procurement teams lack visibility into inbound shipments from suppliers and are in a constant struggle to find suppliers with strong OTIF performance. The inability to measure supplier performance inhibits direct procurement and manufacturing efficiencies.

The ClearMetal Advantage: The ClearMetal CDX Platform delivers visibility of inbound shipments from global suppliers. Clear insight into all aspects of the supply chain facilitates improved planning for material sourcing, buffer stock, and manufacturing.


Problem: Inaccurate promise dates and poor OTD/OTIF metrics result in unsatisfied customers or the inability to retain margin and market share. Logistics teams are challenged to deliver against Sales promise dates when using inaccurate information.

The ClearMetal Advantage: The ClearMetal CDX Platform provides transparency and timeliness at every step of the supply chain. Accurate data produces realistic delivery dates and continuous visibility into the status of your customers’ orders and shipments. Our platform allows your team to quickly resolve issues with customers and to ensure they are keeping the customer up-to-date at all times through a self-serve customer portal.

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Our Customers Tell It Best

“The ClearMetal CDX Platform allows companies like us to give our customers the collaborative experience they now expect but are not able to receive from the competition.”

Parsan Chand,
Vice President, Supply Chain, The Lenzing Group

Parsan Chand, Vice President, Supply Chain, The Lenzing Group

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