Global Supply Chain Visibility Software

Track and Trace at the Inventory Level and Predict Shipments End to End with Real-Time Planning, Visibility, and Collaboration.

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The ClearMetal solution is organized into three tenets of global transportation.


Lead-Time Planning

Transport Visibility

Ecosystem Collaboration


Lead-Time Planning

Reduce inventory and buffer stock with accurate lead-time planning.


Transport Visibility

Accurately track inventory in transit with confidence in its arrival. Proactively managing exceptions & customer expectations.


Ecosystem Collaboration

Proactively detect, share and resolve shipment issues, delighting customers, internal teams and supply chain partners, alike.

 Real Life Benefits of ClearMetal


Optimize Lead-Time & Inventory Planning

Reduce inventory by using ClearMetal’s Lead-Time Planning solution to get dynamic and accurate lead-times which will better inform future mode selection and lead timing planning, allowing you to have confidence in your lead-times, so you can hold less buffer stock.


Revenue Earlier

ClearMetal provides Predictive Visibility into the moment the customer has taken ownership and can then invoice; immediately reducing, on average 5 days, from the order to cash cycle. Depending on the size of the company, ClearMetal clients have seen benefits of $10M and greater.


Customer Service

Use ClearMetal’s Ecosystem Collaboration to provide customers proactive notification of on-time deliveries to meet tight SLAs. A ClearMetal client is now “partner of choice” in their industry because they are proactively working with their customers when there are issues with shipments.


Revenue Opportunities

Use ClearMetal’s Lead-Time Planning solution to gain confidence in your delivery commitments. ClearMetal client has increased price by 1% on 10% of their sales volumes as a result of ensuring tighter delivery promise dates to their customers.


Operational Efficiency

A ClearMetal client’s logistics team has increased productivity by 30% because they’re now using the ClearMetal platform for discharge predictions instead of searching on multiple carrier websites.


Reduce Air Freight and Transport Expenses

Reduce transportation costs & improve profitability by using ClearMetal’s Predictive Visibility and Alerting for accurate ETA notifications. One of the largest Global CPG brands plans to reduce its yearly air freight spend by 10%. Confidence in ClearMetal's ETAs means confidence to ship by ocean vs by air.

Transformation is Easier Than You Think

We connect your data, train your team, and deliver visibility in weeks, not months


Our integration with the largest carriers in the world allows us to quickly be up and running with your data from day one, cleaning and correcting for the next phase.


Our intelligent integration ingests your orders or other custom data and pairs it with your transport data. Track your transport data. Track your shipments at the inventory level.


ClearMetal pulls in additional external data sources, such as satellite, and our AI improves the completeness latency, and accuracy of your data in real-time.


Build on your now clean, complete, and accurate data, our machine learning algorithms generate highly accurate predictions for all of your shipments.


Spend less time reacting & more time reducing your transportation costs, improving productivity, and making proactive decisions that deliver value.


Be proactive, monitor shipments in transit, alert your team of exceptions, and instantly share updates without ever leaving our cloud based application.