To keep up with increasing supply chain demands, you need the ClearMetal CDX 2.0 Platform

The quality, timeliness, and predictive nature of the data is for us a game changer.
Parsan Chand, Vice President, Supply Chain,
The Lenzing Group AG
ClearMetal allows our clients to keep less inventory because we’re all confident in our transit times.
Trey Clossen Director, Marine Logistics,
Georgia-Pacific LLC
ClearMetal’s predictions are better than our ETAs by 5 days.
Director Int’l Logistics,
Global Top 10 Packaging Company
I was impressed with how smooth the ClearMetal deployment was. We were able to go-live in 4 weeks.
VP Logistics,
Global Top 50 CPG Brand

Continuous Experience

Streamline your Customer Experience to keep teams aligned, partners in the know, and customers happy.


Make it effortless for customers to get information about what’s on its way to them and solve problems quickly and hassle-free


Ease Partner Collaboration

By giving partners early warning of predicted delays and sharing latest updates

Resolve issues before they impact customers

By proactively monitoring and exception management

Provide proactive customer service

By proactively monitoring orders and shipments with predictive ETAs & alerts

Continuous Delivery

Improve how products are transported globally with optimized logistics, exception monitoring, and agile transportation planning.


Move your teams from static spreadsheet hell to a live data set that leverage accurate data to adapt plans on the fly, increase speed to market, reduce costs and inventory, and optimize global freight flows.


Optimize Logistics Lead-times

By understanding and measuring all your carriers, lanes and orders, and transshipments.

Adapt Plans Flexibly

By enabling dynamic lead time planning with route volatility insignts.

Get Ahead of Problems

By proactively monitoring orders and shipments with predictive ETAs & alerts

Provide proactive customer service to your customer’s customers with live delivery dates and notifications


Let your corporate customers experience inbound shipments like Amazon customers do, so they can see the data themselves, self service.


Built on the Industry’s

Most Trusted Data Management Platform

Unlike traditional supply chain systems that are rules-based, inflexible and don’t continuously learn from every shipment, ClearMetal’s Continuous Data Platform is based on an always-learning and always-solving feedback loop that provides the most accurate data in the industry. This draws out hidden patterns, enabling customers to make smart decisions based on up-to-date, trustworthy information.

Quickly and seamlessly exchange data with ClearMetal APIs


Automate processes that previously required human intervention solely for data cleansing (ie invoicing or order planning)


Digitally transform your supply chain with ClearMetal.